This Site is currently being enlarged, then developed

It also needs to be fixed, glazed, mounted and framed - look, it is a PHOTOGRAPHIC site after all. What do you expect?

(Occasionally the humour is a bit better than that - but not by very much, nor very often!)


Sample tutorials
Exposure control basics (1.14Mb zipped .pdf)    Presenting a single print (2.66Mb zipped .pdf)    The Inverse Square Law (0.93Mb zipped .pdf)

Photoshop Dodge & Burn using overlay layers (inc. free Action) (8.32Mb zipped .pdf)


Planned tutorials
Presenting a single print (Photoshop® version)
High Key portraits with a single light
Portrait lighting - how to present the subject
Multiple print presentation
Single light low key
Shadows - types and how to control them
Colour & Colour Spaces
Groups - posing & lighting
Highlight placement in Still-life arrangements
Composition & Balance
Light quality & subject shaping
Using two different keylights together
Triads, tetrads & colour harmony
Masculine / Feminine posing
Windowlight for beautiful portraits
Perspective and how to use it
All Smoke & Mirrors
Making reflectors, light panels and soft boxes
Focal Plane shutters & flash synch speeds
Adjustment sliders in Photoshop®
Improvised reflectors
About batteries
Flash brackets
Depth of field v depth of focus
Repeating prints for a streak effect
Bounce flash and the alternatives
Megapixel Myths & Mysteries
Using Photoshop® Brush Dynamics
Fill-in flash techniques



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